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Guru Teg Bahadur was born in Amritsar at Guru Ke Mahal (The Guru's palace). He was youngest son of Sri Guru Har Gobind Sahib. His mother was Mata Nanaki. His real name was TYAGMAL. He lived with his father in Amritsar till he was nine years old. Since childhood, Teg Bahadur was saintly in nature. Besides this, his other virtues were courage, fearlessness and renunciation. He was educated under Guru Har Gobind's supervision, the lord of Miri and Piri. He was given training in spiritualism as well as martial arts, of preaching Guru Mat as well as using the weapons. As Tyagmal got expertise in using Teg (sword) or fencing, he came to be known as Teg Bahadur.

A team of from Jodhpur is visiting Dubai shortly with few members.


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Mere pairo me bahut dard tha, aapke ilaaj se pairo me aaram mila hai.
Rihana Begum, Firozabad
Meri gardan, hath aur pairo me bahut dard tha. 2 mahine se pareshan thi. 4 dino me 80% aaram mila. ab mai 4 km paidal chalkar ilaaj karwane aati hun.
Noorbano, Jodhpur
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